Fanny Thomas

PhD Candidate

Levich Institute and Chemical Engineering department

City College of New York

Steinman Hall 1M14

New York, New York 10033

Research interests

Interfaces, three-phase contact line, diffuse interface modeling, lattice Boltzmann method, capillary bridges

Capillary bridging is a key phenomenon in many interfacial problems, such as multiphase flow through porous medium, or the so-called capillary suspensions. The dynamic wetting of a solid by a liquid has been extensively studied in the past decades but remains only partially understood, mainly because of the contact line singularity arising from the no-slip condition at the solid wall. In recent years, diffuse interface modeling has emerged as a promising way to address this issue. In this model, the interface is modeled as a sharp but continuous change of properties between the two fluids, and chemical potential gradients govern the dynamics of the system, leading to a motion of contact line by diffusion rather than convection. In this project, we aim to combine the diffuse interface theory with a multiphase lattice Boltzmann algorithm to develop a description of the capillary forces in three-phase systems on a continuum level. We believe that the key to understanding the dynamics of interfacial systems lies in an accurate description of the forces governing the motion of the fluid and the solid elements.

Academic background

  • MSc., Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College, London, UK

  • Diplôme d'ingénieur (majored in Mechanical Engineering) Ecole Polytechnique, France