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Group photo session

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Going to the 1st Granular Materials Workshop at Clark University, July 18, 2003

Our friend Dave Johnson hosting a party with students.

Exhaustion after a one day workshop at Clark University. All work in granular matter and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

The three stooges: Fabrizio Potiguar, Nicolas Gland, Chaoming Song.

Graduation of Kun Wang. September 2011.

Makse Group. May 2013. Sevilla Restaurant. Lin Bo, Eru, Saulo Reis, Francisco Santibanez, Clara and Mariela, Hernan, Romain Mari, Yanqing Hu.

Group Picture, November 2014. From left to right: Faraz Zaidi, Kate Burleson-Lesser, Saulo Reis, Shaojun Luo, Hernan Makse, Flaviano Morone, Fang Feng, Wenwei Liu, Lucas Parra, Byungjoon Min, Eru Kyeyune-Nyombi. Missing: Angello Maggio, Zhuo Yin, Romain Mari.