Our research is related to “emergent properties”, i.e., “properties not contained in the simple laws of physics, although they are a consequence of them” (Phil Anderson, 1971, “More is different“).


Our group has openings for graduate students to work on granular matter and complex networks, broadly considered. For an account of the daily routine for students in our lab, see the report of Louis Portal, research intern from France.



Alexandre Bovet

Alexandre Bovet <alexandre.bovet(at)>


Faraz Zaidi

faraz zaidi <farazzaidi(at)>

Byungjoon Min

Byungjoon Min <min.byungjoon(at)>

Flaviano Morone

Flaviano Morone <flaviomorone(at)>

Romain Mari

Romain Mari <rmari(at)>

Saulo Reis, ’14

Saulo D. S. Reis <salubrir(at)>

Fangfeng Zhang, ’14

zhangfangfeng <zzf_flora(at)>

Yanqing Hu, ’13

Yanqing Hu <>

Lazaros Gallos, ’12

Lazaros Gallos <gallos(at)>

Adrian Baule, ’12

Adrian Baule <abaule(at)>

Hernan Rozenfeld, ’10

Hernan Rozenfeld <hernanrozenfeld(at)>

Diego Rybski, ’09


S. Mukhopadhyay, ’08


Nicolas Gland, ’05



Image result

S. Havlin, Israel




Granular matter:


Image result for michael batty london

M. Batty, London

Ph.D. Students

Lingchen Bu

Brain networks


Shaojun Luo

Social networks, Big Data analytics


Eru Kyeyune-Nyombi

Granular matter


Andres Babino, UBA

Brain networks


Wenwei Liu, Tsinghua

Granular Matter


Kate Burleson-Lesser

Eye-tracking, critical phenomena, stock market inference


Zhuo Yin

Econophysics, stock market inference



George Furbish

Social media, influencers, Big Data analytics


Image result for qiongge li

Qiongge Li

Cancer-affected brain networks


Image result for francesca arese lucini

Francesca Arese Lucini

Brain networks


Undergraduate Students

Angello Maggio

Angello Maggio <maggio.angello(at)>

Louis Portal, ’13

Louis Portal <marshallportal(at)>

Taishan Zhu, ’12

Max Danisch, ’10


Vanessa Magnanimo


Sam Meyer, ’08

Sam Meyer <sam.meyer(at)>

Shai Carmi, ’06



Image result for marlon ramos makse

Marlon Ramos, ’14, PUC Rio de Janeiro

Image result for sen pei

Sen Pei, ’14, Beihang University


Flaviano Morone flaviomorone(at) Complex network theory. Spin glasses. Collective Influence. A model of brain activation predicts the collective influence map of the human brain
Alexandre Bovet alexandre.bovet(at) Complex network theory. Social networks. Predicting election trends with Twitter: Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump
Byungjoon Min min.byungjoon(at) Complex network theory. Brain analysis. Searching for influencers in big-data complex networks
George Furbish geofurb(at) Social media. Influencers. Big data analytics.
Qiongge Li  lqiongge(at) Cancer-affected brain networks.
Kevin Roth rothk(at) Network of networks. Brain network theory. Emergence of Robustness in Network of Networks
Shaojun Luo sjlocke.1989(at) Big data analytics in social networks. Inferring Personal Finanacial Status from Social Network Location
Lingchen Bu lingchen.l.bu(at) Brain network inference.
Muhua Zheng zhengmuhua163(at) Percolation in the brain.
Teng Xian xianteng.buaa(at) Superspreaders. Collective Influence of Multiple Spreaders Evaluated by Tracing Real Information Flow in Large-Scale Social Networks
Kate Burleson-Lesser skippyandjif(at) Eye-tracking. Critical phenomena and inference. Stock market inference. Collective behaviour in video viewing
Zhuo Yin zhuoyin.enjoy(at) Econophysics. Stock market inference.
Eru Kyeyune-Nyombi eru.nyombi(at) Colloidal jamming systems. Experiments. High-resolution of particle contacts via fluorophore exclusion in deep-imaging of jammed collodial packings
Francesca Arese Lucini francesca.areselucini(at) Brain networks.