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Last Updated:
Date Speaker Affiliation Seminar Title/Notes
02/02/2016 Dr. Jai Pathak Medimmune
Drug Product Manufacturing Group
"Viscoelasticity of Crowded Monoclonal Antibody Solutions: Chain Conformation Does Matter"
02/09/2016 ************** NO SEMINAR Friday Schedule
02/16/2016 Professor Sachin Velankar University of Pittsburgh
Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
"Capillarity, Wetting, and Rheology in Multiphase Particle-Liquid-Liquid Mixtures"
02/23/2016 Professor Jing Fan City College of CUNY
Mechanical Engineering Department
"Microfluidics Enabled Studies on Complex Fluids and Materials Sciences"
Friday, 02/26/2016 Alban Sauret CNRS, SVI Laboratory, Aubervilliers, France "Erosion and Spreading of Granular Material"

Please note this replaces the seminar date originally scheduled on Tuesday, 03/01/2016
03/08/2016 Morgane Houssais City College of CUNY
Levich Fellow
"Complex Material Rheology in Landscape Dynamics"
03/15/2016 ************** NO SEMINAR APS March Meeting
03/22/2016 Professor Sungyon Lee Texas A&M University
Department of Mechanical Engineering
"Interfacial Dynamics: Drops & Particles"
03/29/2016 Professor Grae Worster University of Cambridge (UK)
Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP)
"Freezing of Soils and Colloidal Suspensions"
04/05/2016 ************** NO SEMINAR **************
04/12/2016 Professor Arun Ramchandran University of Toronto
Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry
"Macrotransport Processes in the Pressure-Driven Flow of a Concentrated, Non-Colloidal Suspension"
04/19/2016 Dr. Blaise Delmotte New York University
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
"Fingering and Clustering Instability in Suspensions of Rollers: Computational Study and Potential Applications"
04/26/2016 ************** NO SEMINAR Spring Recess
Friday, 04/29/2016 Professor Sunil Bhagwat Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai
Department of Chemical Engineering
" Interfacial Science & Engineering: Basics and Applications"
05/03/2016 Professor Jeffrey Giacomin Queen's University
Chemical Engineering Department
"Advances in Large-Amplitude Oscillatory Shear Flow of Polymeric Liquids"
05/10/2016 Professor Victor Steinberg Weizmann Institute of Science
Department of Physics of Complex Fluids
"Role of Thermal Noise in Vesicle Dynamics in a General Linear Flow"
05/17/2016 Dr. Jaehun Chun Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) "Colloidal Interactions in Nanomaterials, Crystal Growth, and Beyond: Correlating Details at Small Scales to Larger Scale Phenomena "

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