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Last Updated:
Date Speaker Speaker Affiliation Seminar Title/Notes
08/30/2011 Professor Anthony Dinsmore University of Massachusetts
Department of Physics
"Liquid Interfaces and Solid Particles: From Simple Geometry to Novel Materials"
09/06/2011 Professor Michael Solomon University of Michigan
Department of Chemical Engineering
"Rupture and Microstructural Evolution of Colloidal Gels in Shear Flow"
09/13/2011 Professor Eric Dufresne Yale University
School of Engineering and Applied Science
"Caught Between a Drop and a Soft Place: The Deformation of an Elastic Substrate by a Three-Phase Contact Line"
09/20/2011 Dr. Jon Halverson Center for Functional Nanomaterials
Brookhaven National Labs
"Rheology of Ring Polymer Melts "
09/27/2011 Professor Kurt Kremer Max-Planck Institut für Polymerforschung
University of Mainz
Mainz, Germany
"Adaptive Resolution Simulations: Towards Open Systems Molecular Dynamics Simulations "
10/04/2011 ************** NO SEMINAR Friday Schedule
10/11/2011 ************** NO SEMINAR Society of Rheology Meeting
10/18/2011 ************** NO SEMINAR 2011 AIChE Annual Meeting
10/25/2011 Professor Jeff Urbach Georgetown University
Department of Physics
"Mechanics of Biopolymer Networks "
11/01/2011 Professor John Kieffer University of Michigan
Materials Science and Engineering
"From Interpreting to Predicting: The Role of Simulation in Discovering the Materials Genome"
11/08/2011 Elizabeth Knapp

Nima Sharifi Mood
City College of CUNY
Department of Chemical Engineering
Ph.D. Candidates
Advisor: Charles Maldarelli
"On the Diffusiophoretic Autonomous Motion of Micron to Submicron Motor"
11/15/2011 Professor Vanessa Ortiz Columbia University
Department of Chemical Engineering
"A Molecular View of DNA Structure and Mechanics: Effects of Sequence on Bending and Hybridization"
11/22/2011 ************** NO SEMINAR 2011 APS/DFD Meeting
11/29/2011 Professor Matthieu Wyart New York University
Department of Physics
"Shear Flow Near the Jamming Threshold"
12/06/2011 Professor Michael Brenner Harvard University
Applied Mathematics and Applied Physics
"The Mechanism of Droplet Splashing on a Solid Surface"

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