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Levich Institute Fall, 2009 Seminar Series [CHE I0100]
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Last Updated:
Date Speaker Affiliation Seminar Title/Notes
09/01/2009 Professor Frank Bates University of Minnesota
Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
"Macromolecular Surfactants: More than Simple Amphiphiles"
09/08/2009 Professor Raymond Tu City College of CUNY
Department of Chemical Engineering
"Periodic Peptides Assembling at Interfaces"
(4:00 PM)
Professor Robert Prud'homme Princeton University
Chemical Engineering Department
"Next Generation Nano Carriers for Multifunctional Drug Delivery, Imaging, and Targeting- How do we make them?"

[This is a CCNY/Columbia NSF-IGERT Soft Materials seminar to be held at Columbia University - 500 W. 120th Street, 825 Mudd Building]
09/22/2009 Professor Michael Mackay University of Delaware
Materials Science and Engineering
"Polymer-Based Solar Cells - What is the Morphology in the Device and How Does this Influence Performance?"
09/29/2009 Professor Morton Denn City College of CUNY
Levich Institute
"Issues in the Flow of Yield-Stress Liquids"

Please note this is a Chemical Engineering Seminar (on Monday Schedule)
10/06/2009 ************** NO SEMINAR **************
10/13/2009 Professor Joelle Frechette Johns Hopkins University
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
"Reversible Control of Interfacial Properties"
10/20/2009 ************** NO SEMINAR Society of Rheology Meeting
10/27/2009 Professor Henrich Jaeger University of Chicago
The James Franck Institute
Center for Integrative Science
"Why Don't All Suspensions Shear Thicken?"

[This is a CCNY/Columbia NSF-IGERT Soft Materials seminar]
11/03/2009 Professor Shelley L. Anna Carnegie Mellon University
Department of Chemical Engineering
"Surfactant-Laden Interfaces in Microfluidic Devices"
11/10/2009 ************** NO SEMINAR ANNUAL AICHE MEETING
11/17/2009 Professor Daniel I. Goldman Georgia Institute of Technology
School of Physics
"Biophysics in the Sandbox: The Mechanics of Swimming of the Sandfish"
11/24/2009 ************** NO SEMINAR ANNUAL APS/DFD MEETING
12/01/2009 Dr. Larry Schwartz Schlumberger-Doll Research "A New way to Look at Diffusion (and Relaxation) in Mixed Porosity Systems"
12/08/2009 Professor Paul Janmey University of Pennsylvania
Cell Biology and Physiology Program
"Soft Materials for Neuronal Wound Healing"

[This is a CCNY/Columbia NSF-IGERT Soft Materials seminar]

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