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Levich Institute Fall, 2007 Seminar Series [CHE I0100]
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Last Updated:
Date Speaker Affiliation Seminar Title/Notes
09/04/2007 Professor Marc Ingber National Science Foundation
(on leave from University of New Mexico, Department of Mechanical Engineering)
"Multiscale Modeling of Suspension Flows"
09/11/2007 ************** NO SEMINAR **************
09/18/2007 Dr. James A. Trainham and Greg McCollum PPG Industries "Challenges and Opportunities for a Manufacturer of Engineered Surfaces"
09/25/2007 Professor Tony Ladd University of Florida
Department of Chemical Engineering
"Polymer Migration in Confined Geometries"

[This is a CCNY/Columbia NSF-IGERT Soft Materials seminar]
10/02/2007 Professor Themis Lazaridis City College of CUNY
Department of Chemistry
"Implicit Solvent Modeling of Peptide-Membrane Interactions"
10/09/2007 ************** NO SEMINAR Society of Rheology Meeting
10/16/2007 Professor Kristen Fichthorn Penn State University
Department of Chemical Engineering
"Atomic Scale Simulation of Colloidal Nanoparticle Forces"
2:30 PM
Professor Amy Shen Washington University
Department of Mechanical Engineering
"Hydrodynamics of Complex Fluids at Small Length-Scales"

[Please note this is a special seminar to be held in the Levich Institute conference room in Steinman Hall, #1M-22]
10/23/2007 Professor Paul Alivisatos University of California, Berkeley
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
"Nanocrystal Molecules"

[This is a CCNY/Columbia NSF-IGERT Soft Materials seminar]
10/30/2007 Professor Sidney Nagel University of Chicago
Department of Physics
"Jamming and the Low Temperature Properties of Glasses"
11/06/2007 ************** NO SEMINAR AIChE Meeting
(4:00 PM)
Professor Abraham Lenhoff University of Delaware
Department of Chemical Engineering
"Crystallization and Other Adventures on the Protein Phase Diagram"

[This is a CCNY/Columbia NSF-IGERT Soft Materials seminar to be held at Columbia University - 500 W. 120th Street, 825 Mudd Building]
11/20/2007 ************** NO SEMINAR APS/DFD Meeting
11/27/2007 Professor Prosenjit Bagchi Rutgers University
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
"Computational Modeling and Simulation of Cell Deformation, Adhesion and Rolling in Flowing Blood'"
12/04/2007 Professor Hernan Makse City College of CUNY
Levich Institute and Department of Physics
"Statistical Mechanics of Jammed Matter"
Professor Joao Maia University of Minho
Department of Polymer Engineering
Guimaraes, Portugal
"Extensional Rheometry of Polymer Melts: Current State and Future Perspectives"

(This is a special seminar to be held at 2:00 PM in the Levich Institute Conference Room, T1M-22)
(4:00 PM)
Professor Carol Hall North Carolina State University
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
"Computer Simulation of Protein Aggregation"

[This is a CCNY/Columbia NSF-IGERT Soft Materials seminar to be held at Columbia University - 500 W. 120th Street, 825 Mudd Building]

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