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Levich Institute
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  • Morton Denn, Chemical Engineering Professor Emeritus (ChE)
    Morton Denn's research is broadly concerned with the use of rheology, non-Newtonian fluid mechanics, and polymer physics to solve problems of interest in polymer processing.
  • Joel Kopllik, Professor of Physics
    Joel Koplik's research involves microscale numerical simulation in fluid mechanical systems. The principal area is the molecular dynamics simulation of fluid flows, which aims to understand fluid mechanical phenomena at atomic length and time scales which are not adequately handled by the usual continuum equations (Navier-Stokes, etc.).
  • Hernan Makse, Professor of Physics
    Professor Makse's research group focuses on the study of jammed matter, spanning from colloidal suspensions, dense emulsions to granular materials and glasses in search of unifying theoretical frameworks. We explore this variety of out of equilibrium systems in terms of their behavior as they experience structural arrest or jamming.
  • Charles Maldarelli, Professor of Chemical Engineering
    Charles Maldarelli's research activities are in the areas of interfacial fluid mechanics, surfactant interfacial chemistry and nanoscience engineering.
  • Jeffrey Morris, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Director of the Levich Institute
    Current research areas being explored by Professor Jeffrey Morris' group are: Structure and Rheology of Inertial Suspensions; Transient Jamming in concentrated non-Brownian suspensions; Reactive Emulsions; Dynamics of Colloidal Gels; Shear induced ordering in concentrated colloidal suspensions and Particle ordering in microfluidic channels
  • Mark Shattuck, Professor of Physics
    From the rings of Saturn, to the coal mines of West Virginia and the grain silos of Kansas, to the granular mixers of pharmaceutical corporations, granular materials are an integral part of nature and industry. A fundamental understanding of granular systems, comparable to the current understanding of fluids, does not exist but would have far reaching implications. Professor Mark D. Shattuck and his group study flowing granular material using a combination of laboratory experiments, molecular dynamics, and numeric integration of continuum models.
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