Jeffrey Morris Current Research

Research Interests:

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Papers Posted for Student Access (10/04/2004):
  1. Particle migration in pressure-driven flow of a Brownian suspension
  2. An experimental study of particle effects on drop formation
  3. Transition to turbulence in particulate pipe flow
  4. Trains of particles in finite-Reynolds-number pipe flow
  5. Stationary shear flow around fixed and free bodies at finite Reynolds number
  6. Curvilinear flows of noncolloidal suspensions: The role of normal stresses
  7. Microstructure from simulated Brownian suspension flows at large shear rate
  8. Development of a frame-invariant suspension flow mode
  9. Particle migration and free-surface topography in inclined plane flow of a suspension
  10. Concentration band dynamics in free-surface Couette flow of a suspension
  11. Pattern Formation in Flowing Electrorheological Fluids
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