Levich Institute Seminar Announcement, 12/16/2008
Tuesday, 12/16/2008
2:00 PM
Steinman Hall, Room #312
(Chemical Engineering Conference Room)

Dr. A. Abhiraman
Formerly at AKZO-Georgia Tech-Unilever

"Crystallization of Bulk Polymers in Anisotropic Stress Fields"


Crystallization of polymers during their product-fabrication processes occurs invariably in anisotropic stress fields. The role of such fields can be dramatic, even at relatively low intensities, causing changes in rates of crystallization by orders of magnitude, altering profoundly the morphology and consequent mechanical properties, and even demanding a reexamination of the notion of some non-crystallizabe polymers. This presentation will offer a set of simple experiments with polymer filaments to demonstrate such effects and also offer models of different degrees of sophistication that can serve to illuminate, and enhance the utility of, this critical phenomenon in polymers. Integration of evolution of morphology in rheological models of polymer processing will also be addressed.


  • Vice President – Research, Unilever Unilever 2006-8
  • Executive Director – Research, HLL HLL ∓ Unilever 2001-8
  • Professor, Chemical Engineering Georgia Tech 1986-01
  • Professor, Textile ∓ Fiber Engineering Georgia Tech 1988-01
  • Adjunct Professor, Materials Engineering Georgia Tech 1989-01
  • Director, Polymer Education ∓ Research Center Georgia Tech 1987-01 Chairman, Composites Group Georgia Tech 1986-87
  • Assoc. Professor, Textile Eng. (81-84) ∓ Chem. Eng. Georgia Tech 1981-85
  • Assistant Professor, Textile Engineering Georgia Tech 1979-80
  • Rheology Group Leader ∓ Internal Consultant American Enka 1977-79
  • Senior Research Engineer ∓ Internal Consultant American Enka 1974-76
  • Basic Research Assistant NC State Univ. 1969-74
  • Research Fellow TRI - Princeton Summer 1972
  • Ph.D. 1975 N.C. State University