Levich Institute Seminar Announcement, 10/22/2013
Tuesday, 10/22/2013
2:00 PM
Steinman Hall, Room #312
(Chemical Engineering Conference Room)

Professor Michael Booty
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Department of Mathematical Sciences
(Currently on sabbatical at CCNY, Chemical Engineering Department)

"Hybrid Numerical Methods for Computation of Some Types of Interfacial Flow"


In typical fluid-surfactant systems the rate of bulk diffusion of a soluble surfactant is usually slow compared to other scales such as an imposed flow rate, so that the bulk Peclet number is large. This causes a narrow layer to develop adjacent to a drop interface, in which the surfactant concentration varies rapidly, while its gradient at the interface must be evaluated accurately to determine bulk-interface surfactant exchange, surface tension, and drop dynamics. A hybrid numerical method is presented that incorporates an asymptotic, singular perturbation, reduction of the layer's dynamics into a numerical solution of the interfacial free boundary problem. This can be a computationally fast and accurate approach to resolving problems of this type. Sample computations show features such as tip-streaming.

If time permits, an analogous approach will be presented for the electrokinetic deformation of a drop in two-phase ionic (electrolytic) fluids that is driven by an imposed DC electric field. Here, the narrow layer adjacent to the drop is known as a Debye layer.


Professor Booty has undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Cambridge and Imperial College, London. After postdoctoral positions at the University of Utrecht and Northwestern University, he was a faculty member at Southern Methodist University before moving to his current position at New Jersey Institute of Technology.


Research interests are in the natural sciences and applied mathematics

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