Levich Institute Seminar Announcement, 05/06/2014
Tuesday, 05/06/2014
2:00 PM
Steinman Hall, Room #312
(Chemical Engineering Conference Room)

Dr. Jeff Meth
Dupont Company
Experimental Station, Wilmington, DE

"Properties of Polymer Nanocomposites"


Extending the size range of fillers for composite materials down to the nanoscale has the potential to produce unique properties and property combinations that can be of value to society. Understanding how to create nanocomposites with specified local structure, and measuring the resulting properties, is critical for achieving this goal. This talk will describe our efforts to create nanocomposites with well-dispersed nanoparticles, and the resulting properties, such as glass transition temperature, and dielectric breakdown. The dynamics of the polymer chains within the composite are affected by the presence of obstacles, and understanding how chains are influenced by particles with size on the order of the radius of gyration will be discussed.


Jeff Meth received a B.S. in Chemistry from MIT in 1984 and a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics from Stanford in 1989. He joined DuPont as a researcher in 1989, and works primarily in creating and characterizing the properties of coatings and films.


He is currently team leader for OLED Solid State Lighting, where his research involves structure-property relationships for blue emitter and host materials. Previously, he worked on nanocomposite technologies, thermal conductivity, printable electronics (TFTs, touchscreens, color filters), adhesion of coatings, heat shrink films, and nonlinear optics.

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