Seminar Announcement, 02/13/2018
Levich Institute Seminar Announcement, 02/13/2018
Tuesday, 02/13/2018
2:00 PM
Steinman Hall, Room #312
(Chemical Engineering Conference Room)

Dr. Tyler Shendruk

Rockefeller University
Center for Studies in Physics and Biology
"Dancing to Turbulence: Transitions Between Flow States in Confined Active Nematics"


Biological active fluids, such as dense suspensions of swimming bacteria, are fluid mixtures whose components are alive and motile. These suspensions differ from passive fluids since biochemical activity continuously pushes them out of equilibrium, leading to spontaneous collective flows at scales larger than the individual components. While these spontaneous flows are typically disorderly (and sometimes referred to as active turbulence), they also have the potential for novel applications. This talk will describe the transitions between steady, ordered active flows and disorderly active turbulence within confining microchannels. The knowledge gained from studying such “living” flows within confining channels is essential for future designs of hybrid bio-mechanical microfluidic devices that have the potential to work with biological fluids, rather than against them.


(a) Fellow for Physics and Biology at Rockefeller University.
(b) EMBO Long-term Fellow at the University of Oxford. Mentor Julia Yeomans. While in Oxford, I was also a Research Associate at Wadham College and a Junior Research Fellow at St. Hilda’s College.
(c) Wrote for the Financial Times through a British Science Association Media Fellowship
(d) Doctorate in Philosophy Physics from the University of Ottawa. Advisor: Gary W. Slater. Thesis was awarded the Pierre Laberge Prize, best doctoral thesis in the Sciences


(a) Magnetotaxis
(b) Subcellular flows and collective dynamics of filaments
(c) Activity-driven restructuring of micro-environments
(d) Active solvent-solute composites

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