Special Seminar (Co-Sponsored with PREM) Announcement, 01/31/2014
Friday, 01/31/2014
12:00 PM
Steinman Hall, Room #312

Professor Shiqing Li
Tsinghua University
Department of Thermal Engineering

"Mesoscale Particle-Particle, Particle-Electric and Particle- Fluid Interactions in Boundary Layers: A Novel Discrete- Element Approach"


Particle adhesion typical occurs for dry or wet suspensions of small particles, with diameter of about 10 microns or smaller, for which the adhesive force can overcome the gravitational force and the elastic rebound force acting on the particles. The van der Waals adhesion force and electrostatic force are two important factors controlling these processes. In this topic, recent advances in the discrete-element method (DEM) for describing motion, deposition, agglomeration or aggregation of a large number of adhesive spherical particles immersed in fluid flows are presented. The constitutive adhesive contact force and torque models, as well as models of both particle-fluid and particle-electric interactions, are discussed in detail. The applications, solving for problems of particle capture by a fiber, particle deposition and particle packing, are briefly introduced. The possibility of DEM in combination with Stokesian-Ossen dynamics, solving for particle-particle hydrodynamic interaction, are discussed.


Shuiqing Li is a Professor in the Department of Thermal Engineering at Tsinghua University. He obtained a Ph.D. in Engineering Thermophysics from Zhejiang University. He was a visiting scholar at the University of Leeds in 2004-2005, at the University of Iowa in 2006, and at Princeton University in 2010-2011. Dr. Li is a recipient of the National Award for New Century Excellent Talents (2009) and the Tsinghua University Award for Young Talents on Fundamental Studies (2011). He shared a Chinese National Teaching Award on Combustion Theory. He has been awarded five fundamental grants from the Natural Science Foundation of China and has authored more than 40 journal articles.

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